Star Trek: Door Repair Guy

Star Trek: Door Repair Guy is a parody Star Trek TV series written by Douglas A. McLeod ( and originally posted, episode by episode, in ncf.sigs.startrek beginning in December 1993. It is the story of the Door Repair Guy, the lowest-ranking member of the Enterprise crew.

The stardates used in the Captain’s Logs would suggest that the series is set about two years after the end of season seven of ST:TNG, but in fact you should imagine the story as moving off into a separate reality right after the episode “Parallels” in the middle of season seven. Come to think of it, Star Trek: Door Repair Guy could be set on one of those other thousands of Enterprises.

Trademarks belonging to Paramount Pictures have been used throughout this story without permission. It should be stated therefore that the author is not out for money. This story is purely for the enjoyment of Star Trek fans. Because it is a TV series, commercials have been included. Any parody is of the advertisements, not of the many fine products.

There really is a guy named Bob on a couch between commercials on an Ottawa TV station. The Bob segments in Door Repair Guy are an attempt to reproduce his on-air persona. Any lame jokes are the author’s fault, not Bob’s.

Persons wishing to repost these episodes may do so freely but are requested to e-mail the author to say where they are reposting them, to keep the author’s name on them, and not to reproduce them for sale.

The text formatting on the ST:DRG series has been preserved to evoke the classic Usenet stylings of the early 1990’s.