The Story of Mod Lib

A little over ten years ago Gail Kwak created the Modified Librarian page. The page was a forum for the discussion of body modification in the context of librarianship. Library professionals and paraprofessionals alike were invited to contribute pictures of their tattoos, piercings and other modifications along with their stories.

November 16th 2009 marked the 10 anniversary of that site’s last update. In the ten years since, society and librarianship itself have vastly transformed. There are those among us that respect what Gail did those years ago, and the librarians who stepped forward to talk about their lives and their modifications. if anything this site seeks to carry the torch forward.

The Next Phase

In 2005 I created the Modified Librarians on
The overall plan was to carry on the work of Gail, with the next generation of librarians. The new Mod Lib site seeks to carry the torch that Gail started long those years ago and to move beyond the simple pictures of the Flickr group and into the stories behind the art.