My Photography

Curmudgeony goes over the bridge

Christopher goes over the bridge

Photography is very important to me. I’ve always had an artistic bent in one way or another. From flower arranging to sand sculptures, and others in between, I like making things. But for all the ideas that percolate through my brain, I have one major weakness.

I’ve never been able to draw. The simple act of drawing pen across paper eludes me. I’ll also cop and admit my handwriting isn’t too keen either. Typing is how I communicate.

View From a Rooftop Chicago 2010

View From a Rooftop Chicago 2010

When I discovered photography–if you’ll pardon the triteness of this phrase–it was like finding a whole new world. I could document and share what I saw with a camera. I could hold up moments and say “Look! See!” “This is a thing worth memory.”

As I’ve grown as a photographer, I’ve begun to experiment with editing, composition, and revision. Cropping, cutting, coloring to not just document with my camera, but to create. I am no artist, but the camera is my pencilbox and the world an unlined notebook.
These are my photo galleries, Enjoy