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  • I just had a little girl and her dad comes in to sign up for our babysitting course, it's for 11 and up. She's 10. So I say, why don't you wait until the next one? We have these 4 times a year! She starts crying and the dad tries to persuade me to let her in. If we had it once a year, I would have let it slide. But we have it 4 times a year! And I'm sick of people thinking all they have to do is whine and cry and we'll just cave in. And quite frankly, if you're going to cry because you can't get into a program by breaking the rules, then I don't want you babysitting my kid anyway!

  • We recently had a patron who really liked the Martin Luther King display board one of the youth services staff had created. She liked it so much she asked if her son could have it so he could turn it in as his class project.

  • Okay here is weird story. A patron we had not seen for five years came in and had books over due for that same time period. We had been trying to get them back for those 5 years. The assistant director told her she need to bring her books back before checking out again. The patron was real nice about it and said hold on I will go get them they have been in my trunk since I checked them out. Hello??? then why didn't you drop them off? This was very odd.

  • Woman: I need a book to get my three year old to shut up and act better.
    Me: Sure. Would you like a book for you or for her?
    Woman: I just told you it's for my three year old!
    Me: I'm sorry. I meant do you want books to read to her about behavior and manners or do you want parenting books to read about how to instill better behavior in her?
    Woman: (with a DUH look) Well, both.
    Me: Sure, right this way.

    So we head into the children's books and I start pulling a couple of books on behavior and manners and such. Meanwhile the child, in a stroller, starts yanking books off the shelf and throwing them all over the room. The woman starts screaming at her: WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE THIS? YOU ARE SO ROTTEN! STOP THAT! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!

    I decide it's time to leave that room and step over the piles of books as I lead her to the 600's for parenting books. All of a sudden the child starts screaming (more like a high pitch, never-ending, nerve wrenching squeal) and the mother stops and starts screaming at her: STOP THAT! WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING? THERE'S NO SCREAMING IN THE LIBRARY! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! STOP SCREAMING? WE DON'T SCREAM IN THE LIBRARY!

    She then turns to me and honest to God says, "Why do you think she acts like this? I was never this bad as a kid?" I bit my tongue so hard it still hurts to drink my Starbucks and just continued on. I started pulling books for her ("How To Behave So My Kids Will") and she looked and them and says, "Do you got any movies I could watch? I don't much like to read."

    At that point I gave up and walked away. Some people are beyond my reach.

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