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  • Ok, this one is creepy in a pathetic sorta way. I'm in charge of our author program series. So I'm working on setting up a reading for this poet whose work basically sucks, but I put a lot of work into promoting the reading and making sure all goes well. When I finally meet him he says weird creepy stuff to me every time we're alone (he's at least 20 years my senior and says things like "I don't want you to think I'm taking care of an infant all day." As if I care what he does ever.)

    Weirdness weirdness.

    So when he finally scurries back to his little hole I get an e-mail from him saying he'd love to visit the small town I live in (he wasn't invited), and this cheesy inappropriate quote from you've got mail, which I've never seen and never will see, as anyone who has spoken to me for five minutes could guess. Something like would you join me for coffee, dinner, the rest of your life. I could feel the cheese oozing from the screen. I sent it to my boss and told her if a fellow employee sent that I'd be filing harassment charges. Since he was just contract labor, all I could do was ignore it. Just doesn't inspire me to be nice to people or do my job well.

    And I'm not even going to get into the letter the child molester gave me, trying to pass it off as "freedom of speech".

  • My creepy patron is actually a city police officer – so the first time he comes in (in uniform) and I'm trying to be all nice and he's telling me all these personal details that I don't want to know (lives alone, loves to read, first got attached to audio books when he had a girlfriend in Indiana, but she broke up with him) on and on so I finally finish helping him and go back to the desk and tell the other reference person (the only guy in the library) that this guy was creeping me out. AND WHAT does the guy I work with say "Yeah I could tell he was hot for you" and I look at him and I say, "well why didn't you come help me get away from him?" Anyway then the patron comes back and I try to the other ref person help me, but we both wind up walking him over to the audio books, which are out of the way, and then my partner LEAVES ME THERE ALONE with the creepy patron. Now I refuse to help him and run away from the desk every time he comes in. (probably not professional, but saves me headache) I don't know what bothers me more – the creepy guy or the lack of help I received from my fellow co-worker.

  • We have a group of "butt-watchers" here. Guys that will ask the female librarians for books on the bottom shelf so they can watch them bend over. The books are on every topic imaginable, and are always found on tables later. Now the way we've gotten around that is to have myself or the other male librarian usually assist these patrons. After three or so direct: "I'm afraid she's helping someone else right now. What can I do for you?" type deals, they usually go away and leave us alone. However, one week it backfired.

  • Two creepy older guys grabbed my ass–I'm male–as we were walking down the stacks (somewhat obscured) and one 70 year old (or close to it) actually pinched it. It hasn't happened since that one-week, but it seriously creeped me out. My supervisor said I should have slapped them, as I don't have to put up with that at work. I didn't do anything, just gave them their materials and went back to the desk in a surprised daze.

  • This past summer I was a children's librarian and I hired a magician for one of our summer reading program days. The kids loved him, but he just couldn't keep his eyes off one of our library pages. He caressed the page's hand and told the page what a beautiful face he had. I felt so bad for him; it really creeped this page out. I thought it was extremely unprofessional of course and I promised the page I would never hire that magician again.

  • My creepy patron is a nontraditional student (guessing about late 40s). He's my new best friend.


    I'm trapped at the desk. And you know how patrons take this as an opportunity to carry on a conversation with you even though you are hard at work on your computer. (Or rather looking up DVDs for your Christmas list but hey, he can't see my computer screen.) They just yammer on even though you're only giving them monosyllabic answers and don't take the hint that you don't want to talk. This guy also knows everything – or so he likes to tell us. He actually once told us that our stapler does not staple the proper way. Oh yeah, and that the entire way of teaching at our school is wrong and that he is the only one who's thought process is correct. Need I go on? I could. We actually have a deal with the receptionist out in the lobby to call us a couple of minutes after he walks in here to give us an excuse to leave. (And I'd just like to mention that my assistant is going to get it for not calling me since she's covering the receptionist's lunch right now.) Hmmm. I think he's gone. Should I venture standing up and taking a peak over at the copier and risk making eye contact? If you need me, I'll be under the circ desk fixing computer wires – yeah, that's it – until the coast is clear. LOL! Sorry folks, you still get the loons even when you're not working in the public sector. Hell stories

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