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About Christopher

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Howdy Folks! I’m Christopher, AKA the Curmudgeony Librarian. I’ve been in the library biz since 2001, and a general Know-It-All and Big Brain since birth. My interests run from the depth of physics to the heights of space and everything between. I run CLNN.info as well as the NexGen Librarians group. I currently run the Grace L. Ferguson Library & Storm Door Company in South Buddha Wisconsin and live in the greater Chicagoland area, in the United States with my amazing wife Jennifer, our sons, and our cats, Peanut and Raisins.

About Jennifer

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In her own words: “I’m the soulmate, confidant, and adoring wife of the Curmudgeony Librarian. While I haven’t been involved in the library world before meeting my love, I have always been infatuated with libraries and books. My interests include cooking, drawing, gaming, gardening, homeschooling, information technology, philosophy, ethics, web design, graphic design, and writing.”

About Dr. Squeeky

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Dr. Squeeky is both my mentor and my friend. Holding both degrees in Divinity, Law, and Medicine, his able legal counsel and superior medical skills have kept Team Curmudgeon out of its fair share of trouble. He was also the officiate at my wedding.

In his own words: “Quack. Quack quack quack. Quack quack. Quack quack quack quack. Quack.”

About Ted Notabear

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Ted’s aid in my escape from Bear captivity was instrumental in the sweet freedom I enjoy today. As gratitude, I have given Ted a job here with the team, and he has performed admirably and well. However, as of late all of my honey has come up missing, and my office door keeps being torn off the hinges and my files rifled through. I’m sure its nothing.

In his own words: “Ted like little furry man Kalmudgy. Kalmudgy give Ted many Tiny Hot Dogs all the time! Ted Love Tiny Hot Dogs and LiveWire Mountain Dew. Sometime Ted drink all of LiveWire Mountain Dew that makes Jenn Lady MAD. Ted scared when Jenn Lady angry.”

About This Site

CLNN started out as a dream to bring information about library science to the world. It rose from the Adjective Librarian movement of the late 20th century, whereby we as new librarians sought to redefine our image from the old bun-wearing bespectacled spinsters into the New Age of Internet: Modified, Belly dancing, Snarky, Curmudgeony. The site was to be a website of Big Important Information and Wisdom for The People. After about 20 minutes, I realized that that whole idea was silly and pretentious and decided to focus on neat and amusing things.

In its first form, the Curmudgeony Librarian was an old style web page with articles and links and amusing web toys. The first major change was the launch of the blog, and the realization that “curmudgeony” is a difficult word to spell. THUS, CL became CLNN. The web changed and blogs became the dominant form of communication. Stories, articles, and links all relentless spiraling up through ever-marching rss feeds, the hunger for neat-new-neat-new. The writer’s side blog became the website itself. This site is not like these new sites; it could be better termed a Cabinet of Curiosities.

The Cabinets of Curiosities also known as Wunderkammern were European collections of the 16th and 17th centuries that contained items such as works of art, natural history specimens, and scientific instruments. They are the precursors of modern museums. Shells, beetle wings, paintings, and stuffed specimens all arrayed in an order only apparent to the collector; these cabinets were a sort of microcosm.

So too does this site attempt to draw across many different lines and notions all within a curmudgeon’s perspective. It wishes to take some things and linger upon them. Like Barnum’s American Museum, or the House on the Rock, it is a place made of places, wonders, and fun. To quote the Ringmaster “Step right up! You will be astonished! Mysteries gathered from around the globe all for your amusement!”


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