On the heels of my previous share

On the heels of my previous share .This is not about left and right, this is about a permanent gap, a creation of a peasant class in this nation, permanent have nots. The 99% are not asking for for wealth, or affluence. They want jobs and not to be crushed by debt. One of my dearest friends is saddled with debt they will never pay off, and these were not the debts of extravagance but the debts of keeping her husband alive. Another friend is a single mother, who put herself through library school, and despite her higher education, it still doesn’t get easier. Year after year, I see her trying to keep afloat, repairing and re-repairing kids’ clothing holding out for one more year. After I get the job, after I’m there a year, after a promotion, after, after, after. When does her American Dream get to start?

1 In 15 Americans Classify As Poorest Poor – The Consumerist
A record number of Americans classify as the poorest poor, according to a new report. Right now, 1 in 15 Americans live at least 50% below the official poverty level of $22,314 per annum for a family …

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