“Nickel and Dimed” Author Barbara Ehrenreich explores the commonalities…

"Nickel and Dimed" Author Barbara Ehrenreich explores the commonalities faced in the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the issues faced by our nation's homeless.
Even simple things like toilet facilities is something many of us take for granted. Far too many of us are one paycheck, one extra bill from homelessness, and once we're ensnared, the bottom drops out.

Why Homelessness Is Becoming an Occupy Wall Street Issue
What the Occupy Wall Streeters are beginning to discover, and homeless people have known all along, is that most ordinary activities are illegal when performed in American streets.

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  • Krista Neubert

    And a follow up with my last comments about Germany being so awesome. They allow you to do whatever, pretty much, and the homeless population isn't very high at all. That's because the services are in place to help people. The only people here that are homeless are the ones thar refuse to follow the rules. Berlin, specifically, has the highest living standard in the entire world.
    I know people don't want more taxes but I believe part of that is due to not trusting that the government will spend the money accordingly.
    In Germany:
    1. No work? They give you money.
    2. Don't make enough money to support yourself or your family? They give you more money.
    3. Public healthcare (though you can go private).
    4. Both parents are allowed to take a year off upon the birth of a child. They get paid their regular wages. Their job must be waiting for them when they return.
    5. Women are allowed to cut back on their hours when they have young kids so that they may spend time with them. Most women get out of work around 1pm because their kids do.

    And those are just a few ways that the tax payers mmoney helps the people and the country.