Library Card Creativity


Ran into the above birthday card, made to look like the checkout card from a library book.   (via The Daily What)

The website, Present & Correct, describes it thus:  “A wonderful idea for a greeting in the form of a library card. The idea is to write the recipients birth date on the front. We also think it could be fun to pass it between friends, so everyone adds to it thus building up a list of birthdays and memories. It would be green too!”

They also offer a Library Travel journal in the same vein.


As neat as these are, you could always make your own.  Creature Comforts offers some free printable versions of the card and the pocket, or you can buy them from various places online, even specially colored Martha Stewart versions.  Or, you could just buy some nice paper and fold and glue it like a library pocket.

The possibilities for creativity are endless…






Altered Due Date Card


Wedding Save The Date Cards

Got any other ideas?