Looking Forward Looking Back

An image of a coin depicting Janus the two-faced god of Gates

January is a time for change.

Named for the two faced god Janus–the god of gates and beginnings and endings, January is a time of new things and a passing away of the old.  So, too, we face new changes here at CLNN.  Quietly the site has over gone a makeover with content both new and old.

Having gone fallow in 2006, it is time to come back.  Aided by my lovely wife Jennifer’s exceptional optimism, I have decided to get back into writing.  I have high hopes for the site and hope that at last I can make something of the voice I have been blessed with.

The largest change is a refocus of the site. As I mentioned in the “About Us” section, CLNN is transforming into a “Wunderkammer” or “Cabinet of Curiosities” for the Internet age. Librarianship and the organization of information have a place here, but the pursuit of wonder and amazement are paramount. I hope I can provide a little of both and a few laughs as well. The world is an amazing place and I am blessed to be a part of it.

So to any new readers, I say welcome.  To current readers:  I hope I can continue to  provide interesting ideas for you to share and enjoy.