In Defense of Buying Books

I am not buying books — I am buying an experience.

The GetRichSlowly blog has a post defending purchasing books rather than reading them via free means (libraries, borrowing, etc.).  Reasons for this defense include:

  • buying a book is cheaper entertainment compared to other entertainment options (movies, cable, etc.)
  • buying a book is buying an experience
  • sometimes you find books at stores you might not run across at a library
  • the purchase of books can be a reward or enjoyed indulgence
  • losing a purchased book is better than losing a borrowed book
  • you don’t have to take as good of care of a purchased book (due to dog-ears, bent paperbacks, highlighting, etc.)
  • you may not have a better alternative than purchasing books

A commenter adds:

The point is that having ownership of a book, possessing it to be able to do what you wish, when you wish with it is more important to some people than the few dollars that it costs to make the purchase.

via LifeHacker

0 thoughts on “In Defense of Buying Books

  • Stone Mao

    I find that I am saving money and space in my home by using the library. They have everything. Last month I wanted a reference on sterling engines. The book I wanted was out of print and the used book price was $337.00 for fair condition. Cost from the library … wait for it … Free! The university library online catalog is a nightmare while the interface at the local Algonquin library is a dream to use.

    During the semester I commute about two hours a day. I use this time to listen to book on tape (CD actually). Some of them are books I would have purchased in the past, such as the the new Benjamin Franklin biography or the Einstein Biography but would have taken years to actually get around to reading. On CD I ran through both in about two weeks.

    Now here is the key …. after finishing both, I returned the materials without paying a dime.

    I have since starting to use the library donated roughly 40 boxes of books to goodwill and the friends of the library. I have gained the equivalent of a small room in my house.