Facebook Instant Messaging in Pidgin

Its no lie, I love to talk.  At this point I would say I have 6 or more instant messenger IDs, and now  Facebook has a chat system too!

Thankfully I have been able to manage them through the wonderful open source program Pidgin. There now is a plugin for Pidgin that allows people to login and chat with people who are currently signed into Facebook. You can also see their profile picture and their status as well.

The download is located here:

Windows users should use and install the .exe file.  Ubuntu users should use the .deb file and install.

Once you have installed the plugin, open Pidgin and simply just add your Facebook account.   For your login, put in the email you use for Facebook and your password.  There are some settings in the ‘advanced’ tab that you can configure when your setting up your Facebook account in pidgin, such as having your pidgin status be your Facebook status, whether you want new Facebook notifications to show up as emails in Pidgin, etc etc. Configure them to your liking, and chat away!

See you on the site!

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