Survey–World’s Finest

A recent article highlighted the psychological underpinnings of the heroes Batman and Superman and how these characters relate to the American psyche. Who we pick as our hero says a lot about us, or so the article says. While I take such articles with a grain of salt, I am curious as to how the voting would come out in the library world. This survey is not about which of these two characters is “better;” or who could take whom in a fight, its about which of these
two icons first comes to you when you think of theword superhero.

Also this survey is strictly about Batman and Superman, so please don’t complain that your hero isn’t on the list. I know there is a vast universe of heroes out there, ranging from both Astro and Sin Cities to Duckberg and The Valley, but this survey about these two legends alone.

Please visit CLNN to take part in the survey and feel free to link to this survey.