Soaring Gas Prices Hurt Bookmobile Services

Natrona County Public Library in Casper, Wyoming is the first of many library systems facing trouble for their bookmobiles, as gas prices rise. With a route that takes it over 300 to 350 miles every two weeks, the rising fuel costs are putting a crimp in the budget.

Gas prices are up over sixty cents a gallon over last year. Also affected by the price crush is the local Meals on Wheels program. It is uncertain when, if ever, gas prices will stabilize or drop to lower levels.

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    Often lost in the gas hike shuffle is the impact on bookmobiles and other important services such as Meals On Wheels.

    Maybe someone ought to organize a strike of some sort for a govt gas subsidy for valued and arguably essential services such as these.

    Think about it: If bookmobiles and MealsOnWheels people team together, they’d have middleage parent and senior citizen support, respectively. If they’d manage to convince Ice Cream Men to join them in strike, the kids would be upset and parents have another motivation of support.

    Such a strike would tear the very fabric of suburbian utopia, and the general public that is suburbia would join in the fight to ensure the government gives that subsidy, if for nothing else than to get the ice cream man back to shut their whiny kids up. Works for me.