Survey Results, Tattoos and the Library

In this survey I chose to look at tattoos and the library. I was curious as to how many in the profession had tattoos. I approached the survey with the preconceived idea that tattoos=young people. It was surprising the amount of comments I received, from older librarians, who had tattoos. I was also surprised how many respondents didn’t have any tattoos at all. The most interesting part of this survey was that it generated more comments and controversy then my religion survey.

Tattoos and the Library
Torso Front–Upper Chest52%
Torso Front–Lower Stomach41%
Torso Back–Shoulders/Upper Back238%
Torso Back–Spine/Lower Back207%
Multiple locations and/or tattoos6524%
No tattoos11642%
Number of Respondents 276

Survey results for Tattoos and the Library

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  • G


    Think we need one for librarian vices if you want to get to the real kink, though.

    And there’s plenty of it – we’re librarians, after all!

    The stories I’ve heard …

  • Anonymous

    “Think we need one for librarian vices if you want to get to the real kink, though”

    I definitely agree with that. I’ve often wondered how many other “leather librarians” are out there…

  • Anonymous

    Love this!
    I missed participating in the survey…but I’m a tattooed (so far just 1, on shoulder) & leather librarian (Domme)! Would love to know of others.

  • Anonymous

    could i publish your survey in the newsletter fro the Ontario health libraries association. Wonder how many of us have tatoos?

    Elyse Pike
    Grey Bruce health Services

  • Librarian Lia

    The leather one would be interesting. I know a couple.

    How about piercings? Or did you do a survey on that already?