Blog People Stickers Take To The Web

So, after a couple of weeks or so the Gorman blog-gate has calmed down but some people have decided to add the “Blog People” / “Blog Person” button to their sites as a reminder of the controversy. The button itself was created by Greg of and based on an idea by Karen Schneider from Free Range Librarian.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this sticker. Should it be Blog People, or Blog Person? Where should the button link? Should it link to the original story, or a particular response? The tricky part in an internet-based story is organizing it so that all points of view are represented. Myself, I have decided to use Blog Person. This term seems more grammatically correct. The page I selected for the button to link with was the summary page located here.

So I open these questions up to others. The questions I am pondering are, are you using Blog People or Blog Person; and if you are using the button, where are you linking it?

0 thoughts on “Blog People Stickers Take To The Web

  • rochelle

    How about Bloggist? or
    Blogophile? or
    Blog monkey.
    I didn’t really answer your question, now, did I?