Survey–Have You Met Lydia? : Tattoos and the Library Person

There is a new survey up at CLNN. This survey is about tattoos and the library. No longer shushers, the new stereotype of the librarian is that of a tattooed rockin’ library grrrl (with emphasis on the Grrr). We’re in Bust Magazine. The librarian is the new feminist icon. But is there truth to this stereotype? Are we all a bunch of a bunch of NexGen tattooed librarians eager to subvert the current paradigm? Sure there is a site celebrating Modified Librarians but that site hasn’t been updated since November of 1999.

Are we tattooed? If so how many tats do we have? Are our tats they small and discrete, or are we sporting sleeves or a bodysuit? How many tattooed librarians are out there? If you are a librarian, work in a library as a regular gig, or are attending library school, please take part in this survey. This survey is limited. I don’t address specific numbers of tats, or other bodymods, such as piercings, brandings, et al. I will be addressing Bodymods in a later survey.