Privacy Put At Risk When Old Computers Are Sold

A recent study from the Information Security Research Group (ISRG) of the University of Glamorganin, Pontypridd Wales has revealed serious computer security breaches arising from used computer disk drives, purchased from various public sources. The study finds that many of these drives have not been wiped at all. Further, they found that of those disk wiped, the university was able to recover data from them through the most basic methods of data recovery; methods which are commonly know in the computing world. Among the data found, were sensitive business record, personal identity information, and children’s school records including psychological information.

People should be reminded that almost all electronic information could be recovered from old computers. It is only a matter of the tools used and the skill or desire of the salvager. The only true way to secure a hard drive is to remove it; smash the old drive with a hammer, making sure to shatter the disk wafers within; then burning said wafers.