BROTW 05/01/25-The Princess Diaries

Book Recommendation of the Week 05/01/25

Author: Cabot, Meg

Title: The Princess Diaries

Publication Date: 2000

Number of Pages: 238

Series: The Princess Diaries

Followed By: Princess in the Spotlight, Princess in Love, Princess in Waiting, Project Princess, Princess in Pink, The Princess Present

Geographical Setting: New York

Time Period: Modern

Plot Summary: A lot can happen in the fall. Ninth grader and self-admitted “dork” Mia Thermopolis, finds herself swept up in a whirlwind of change when she discovers not only is her father a prince, but she herself is now the heir apparent to Genovia, a tiny European kingdom he rules. Cool, huh?

Nope! Not for Mia.

Now she is under the lens of the paparazzi and the other kids at school just stare. Grandmere, her paternal grandmother and the terror of South Europe, shows up insisting she take princess lessons–Ick!. Plus there’s Mia’s bodyguard who carries a *gun* and is always at her side. And to top it off, her divorced mom starts dating Mia’s algebra*teacher*!!! What’s a girl to do?

With her best friend Lilly Moscovitz by her side, can Mia navigate the perils of teenage life in New York City?

Appeal: This book is great for kids. Told in diary format, Meg Cabot very effectively finds the voice of her heroine. You almost believe a fourteen-year-old wrote it. The book has a breakneck, slapstick pace, which does not distract from the characters. You feel for the pathos of Mia and her hapless friends. While the movie was okay, the book is wonderful for both young adults and alike adults.

Similar Authors and Works: Louise Rennison, Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging; Dyan Sheldon, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen; Ann Brashares, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants