BROTW 05/01/03-Snow Crash

Book Recommendation of the Week 05/01/03

Author: Stephenson, Neal

Title: Snow Crash

Publication Date: 1992

Number of Pages: 440

Geographical Setting: Southern California; The Metaverse

Time Period: Twenty Minutes into the Future

Series: N/A

Plot Summary: Times change and so does the world; the Internet is replaced with the Metaverse a living, pulsing three-dee world filled with the hundred million richest, hippest, best-connected people on earth. Nations have fallen by the wayside replaced by corporate franchises like CosaNostra Pizza Inc. and Admiral Bob’s National Security. In this world of commerce and conflict something is destroying the minds of hackers, while a mysterious drug called “Snow Crash” is flooding the streets. Only one man can stop this coming Infopocalypse: Hiro Protagonist a samurai sword wielding, uber-hacker, who works as pizza-delivery guy on the side. Hiro faces off against Raven, a hulking spear-wielding giant who’s literally packing his own hydrogen bomb. Snow Crash, is a tale that reaches from ancient Sumaria to the edge of the Metaverse and back. In the end, who will unravel the secret of Enki, keeper of the Me?

Subject Headings:

Science Fiction

Humorous Fiction

Sumerian Mythology


Social Satire

Appeal: A cool but brainy ride, like an astronomer in a leather jacket. Snow Crash appeals to the Generation X “geek set,” by swirling together action, pop culture irony, and powerful ideas.

Similar Authors and Works: William Gibson, Neuromancer; Bruce Stirling, Islands in the Net; David Brin, Kiln People.