The war is on in the Curmudgeony Battle Arena

The Curmudgeony Librarian Tournament of Champions

is down to the last few bouts in the Curmudgeony Battle Arena.

In the last round

Pirates in an upset over the more favored Samurai

Knights got medieval on Leprechauns

Vikings came from behind to stake Vampires

Tibetan Monks trancended Sharks

Drag Queens threw an old school beatdown on Cavemen

Tigers ate Gladiators

Blacksmiths surprised Soccer Hooligans

Hedgehogs burst the bags (and hopes of) Bagpipers

The final eight winners go head to head once again.

Competing this week are

Pirates  Vs.  Vikings

Knights  Vs.  Tibetan Monks

Drag Queens  Vs.  Blacksmiths

Tigers  Vs.  Hedgehogs

Who will win?

Vote and find out.

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    Good day Curmudgeony Librarian,
    I am trying to find your email address on the blog, in your profile or on your website. Hopefully, you will seee this comment.

    I am interested in located and possibly acquiring a used bookmobile. Any leads or suggestions you have about how to source such an item would be greatly appreciated.