Judge Overturns State Harmful-to-Minors Law

In Little Rock AR, U.S. 8th District Court Judge G. Thomas Eisele ruled that a 2003 Arkansas law requiring stores and libraries to shield minors from pornographic material in books and magazines violates the U.S. Constitution. The Judge said that the law violates the constitution due to its overbroad nature. Said Judge Eisele, “The statute. . .effectively stifles the access of adults and older minors to communications and material they are entitled to receive and view.”

The law required “harmful to minors” materials to be kept entirely separate from other materials. The plaintiffs in the case–which included the American Library Association and American Civil Liberties Union–claimed the law would require bookstores and libraries to either erect partitions and carefully inspect the content of every item or totally bar access to anyone under 18. The defendants may appeal the ruling to the United States Supreme Court.