Curmudgeony Librarian’s Tournament of Champions Semi-Finals

The Curmudgeony Librarian has entered The Semi-Finals in its

Tournament of Champions

For the past four week brave competitors have fought mighty

battles, and ancient vendettas have come to resolution in the

Curmudgeony Battle Arena. But now we face the next chapter

in the saga. The Semi-Finals.

The round four winners were

Gladiators over Lemurs;  Mummies over Rabbis;

Tigers over Butlers;  Strippers over Stage Magicians;

Hedgehogs over Amish;  Accordianists over Octogenarians;

Monkeys over Robots;  and Bagpipers over Dragoons.

This week, the winners for the past four weeks

go head to head in the semi-finals.

Competing this week are

Pirates   Vs.   Dinosaurs

Leprechauns   Vs.   Aliens

Samurai   Vs.   Werewolves

Clowns   Vs.   Knights

Vampires   Vs.   Zombies

Roman Centurions   Vs.   Tibetan Monks

Vikings   Vs.   Mafia Guys

Lesbians   Vs.   Sharks

Who will win?

Vote and find out.