A Call For Drinking Librarians

I am writing a fun, fluff article on alcohol and the library worker.

It will be a light “how to host a librarian party” style article

rather than an in-depth expose on drinking in the profession.

So, with that in mind, I wanted people’s help. I want to find out,

what are your top 4 favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic party drinks?

If you can spare a moment, please post a response to my question,

in my comments section.


Christopher The Curmudgeony Librarian

0 thoughts on “A Call For Drinking Librarians

  • Sarah Houghton (LiB)

    Awww, man. No-one’s posted yet! I think that’s because of the whole registration thing…people are lazy in general (including me).


    #1: Rubytini
    #2: Jello shot of any kind
    #3: Cosmopolitan
    #4: Margarita, preferrably with lime & salt