Sharp-eyed Student Corrects Textbook Error

It all started when Manish Kaushal, spotted something wrong with a whale in his textbook. The keenly observant third grade student realized that a picture of a whale was incorrectly identified as a humpback. Though his classroom teacher was skeptical, Manish pressed on. Another student, Amy Zahn, agreed to help. With Amy’s assistance and a trip to the local library, he was proven right. With evidence of the error in hand, their teacher encouraged them to write the publisher Hartcourt. The publisher agreed, saying that they were right and the mistake would be corrected in the next edition.

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  • Beverly

    Hooray for smart kids named Manish! I danced with one at the prom. He wasn’t in third grade, though.

    Just wanted to let you know I added your blog to the list on my blog.